In 2007 the Feds imposed more stringent fire safety standards on cushions. The result was added chemicals that the CPSC stated were secure, however in my book any kind of chemical in my sleeping system is too much. One point it did was placed a few of the smaller bed mattresses makes bankrupt. They might not manage to invest the money to furnish their factories with the required equipment to meet Federal regulations. One more point it did was make the bigger bed mattress producers and chemical business richer. In my book it is simply one more example of the big individual pressing the little person out of the way.

Fire Retardants

In the end the customer suffers from greater costs and reduced quality of rest in the evening from included chemicals to our rest systems. The latex bed mattress has been around for around 60 years and taken pleasure in the appeal from the 50s until the mid-60s. The water bed also made its a way right into major stream Nolah Mattress Coupon America as a trendy method to rest and for the following 20 years the water bed and the coil spring mattress ended up being king. The latex cushion market endured and latex foam mattress sales nosedived. In 1977 Bill Coffey and Steve Kordiak began making latex cushions and the latex sector was taking infant actions to gain back market share.

Are Latex Mattresses The Safer Sleep Choice?

The typical method of making latex products was called the Dunlop process. The rubber was whipped and heavy steam warmed which caused some of the natural debris clearing up to the base, making Dunlop slightly firmer under. In 1981 a brand-new process called Talalay was introduced into the latex rubber market. This makes a more consistent cell structure from top to bottom and also includes the rate of the foam. The latex foam process introduces cold, cooling down and washing processes to remove the allergic proteins on the latex cushion surface, removing the worry of hatreds latex.

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